I am a naturally creative artist who began choreographing dances in the 80’s and shifted to exploring movement in visual art in the early 2000’s. While my work in the world has shifted throughout the years, I’ve consistently made things.  Some people drink wine, I create.  I find it incredibly rewarding, meditative, and rejuvenating.

 I love contemplation.  Often I consider a word, phrase, or person before entering the studio and then I begin painting.  Often I incorporate those words into my art.  One of my favorite things to do is create commissioned work for people based on their chosen words.  Find out more about commissioning work here.

 Because I love connection and community, I created Arts on Market in 2017.  Arts on Market is a bi-annual celebration and shopping event featuring local and regional artists, artisans, bakers, and makers. It’s a great honor to support and highlight these artists.  Find out more about arts on market here.

 When I’m not in the studio creating, you’ll find me spending time with my 3 adult children, husband, and 2 dogs or facilitating leadership and team building experiences in North Carolina.

 My hope is that you find a piece of art that inspires you to live (and maybe wear) your purpose out loud and in full view!